Earn online by doing 10 types of work!

Earn online by doing 10 types of work!

In this modern era, employment has taken place in places that people could not have imagined even 20 years ago. Now people can 'earn online' from home. Physically disabled people can also use their intelligence to 'earn money online'. Now the world has advanced a lot. Now many jobs are created which are not possible without online. So a huge amount of employment opportunity has been created online. Read this complete article to know about 'Sure Way to Earn Online 2023'.

01. Blogging income

For those of you who are reading this article looking for 'how to earn online', this is also a form of blogging. You too can 'earn money online by blogging'. This will require a website. Where you can post various articles as per your choice. Of course, write only on the subject that interests you the most. The more people visit your website, the more money you will earn. You don't have to be highly educated to blog. If you have prior knowledge of website building then you can become a blogger too. Now blogging is easier. There are various websites where you can start blogging very easily.

2. Earn from Facebook

I am telling you the way to earn from Facebook. If you are good at using Facebook and able to create good quality videos then you can also 'Income from Facebook'. Now everyone has a mobile phone. Few people can be found who use smartphones but do not use Facebook. Facebook is not just a medium for chatting. Now it has become a huge market place.

Marketing of various products is done here. You can also do marketing of your product here if you want. Or create entertaining videos and post them on your page. You may not have that many followers in the beginning. This will not stop you from trying. You stick to your work and you will see success.

03. Sale of images and footage

Wondering how to earn money online by sellinga photos and footage? sell any type of content like photos online, there are various image sharing or stock image sites for that. On these type of sites you can upload your own photos for sale as you want to give price. But the images must be of good quality and high resolution.

To work on these types of websites, first you have to open an account on that website, and then you have to upload the pictures you have taken. After checking your photo quality, resolution, etc., your profile will be approved by the website.

After your profile is approved you can upload your photos there. But the admin will first check each picture you upload, then the pictures will be uploaded and others can see your picture. Some websites to earn money through photos:

  • GettyImages
  • Dreamstime
  • Shutterstock
  • Fotolia
  • iStock

There are many large multinational companies that collect various types of images for various reasons. They use them for various purposes. So then they buy images from such websites and use them in their work. These photographer websites usually pay 30 to 70% commission per sale.

04. Affiliate Marketing

With this affiliate marketing, you are essentially a third party promoting other companies' products on your website and trying to sell them. If you sell a company's product, the company usually gives a commission of 10% to 50% on the product sale.

If you have a good quality website and it gets a good number of visitors, then you can make an online income by selling products by signing an agreement with any organization and placing affiliate links.

Amazon affiliate marketing is a very popular 'way to earn online' in Bangladesh. These affiliate websites highlight the qualities of various Amazon products and try to sell them. And get the commission when the product is sold!

No matter what type of online platform you have, it is possible to earn online through affiliate marketing. It is possible to earn affiliate online income through websites, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and even Instagram.

05. Drop-Shipping business

Can do dropshipping business. This business does not require large capital. It requires your patience and time. Shopify is very helpful in this dropshipping business. Millions of people have made their living with shopify. If you want to earn money from drop shipping business online, you must first understand what is drop shipping business?

Drop shipping business is a no capital business. You can advertise the products of other stores in your store with a slight increase in price. The customer will come to your store and order the product. You will order the product to the original seller and provide the delivery address to the customer. After that, if the customer pays the price to the original seller, the remaining money is your profit.

In short, drop shipping business is a type of broker business. Through this you can earn money online very easily. The advantage is that you don't need a physical store to earn here. With the help of internet you will create virtual store.

06. Review Online Income

If you have a good knowledge about the quality of something then surely you can give a review about that thing very easily. There are websites that collect reviews of certain items. Take music for example. If you are a good musician and have good knowledge about music then you can also earn online by giving reviews.

Not only songs, you can give reviews of various products. For example, books or electronic devices. Other customers will be attracted to purchase the product after hearing the positive reviews you give. Some of the websites that buy your reviews are musicxray, current.us, radioearn.

07. Creates website

Nowadays people need websites for various tasks. So if you are into website building then this could be the 'way to earn online' for you. You can earn 'online income' by creating websites for others as a freelancer, or you can create websites yourself and sell them. In this case if your website has good traffic i.e. good number of visitors, then you will get more website price.

Moreover, you can 'earn money online' by using Google Ads on the website. Creating a simple website doesn't require much. Websites can be created with just domain and hosting. For this you need to first purchase a hosting and register a domain. Then the website should be created. There is a special code for creating web sites. You can learn anything you want in a few days. This is how you can earn money online.

08. Income from Instagram

Basically you won't get money directly from Instagram. Various companies promote their products through you. For example, an electronic device or YouTube channel or books, food items etc. If you promote their products they will pay you according to the number of followers you have. But for this you need a lot of followers. You can give good place photos to increase followers. Or you can share good things.

09. Content Writing

There are many people of us who love to write and love to research about writing. But do you know that you can 'earn money online' by writing? If you are good at writing, then writing on online platforms can be a 'way to earn online' for you. If you want to earn by writing articles, you can buy domain hosting and create a blog site. Or write content for free on WordPress or Tumblr platforms.

Content writers are in high demand on various freelancing platforms including Upwork, Fiverr. Having writing skills in English will make it much easier for you to get work on those freelancing platforms. Content writers earn from 5 to 50 dollars per 1000 words depending on the quality of work. Also you can do 'How to earn money online' by writing for various online news portals.

10. Earn by data entry

In the analog era, various office information had to be stored in notebooks/papers. Storing data like this is very time consuming and insecure. But in this digital age, gathering information has become much easier. Information or data can be stored in less time. Adding or updating data with the help of a computer software is called data entry. Those who have fast typing skills can 'earn money online' through this type of work. The demand for this job is high. If you want you can earn money online like this. Internet has many freelancing sites for this type of work like: Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru where you will find jobs related to data entry.

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