Learn Video Editing easily with own Talent!

Learn Video Editing easily with own Talent!

Dear Viewers Hope you all are doing well. Viewers today I have come to you with some essential tips for video editing. There are many of you viewers who are doing video editing professionally or personally, and have achieved a lot of success in it. But today I am making this tune for those who are new to the world of video editing, not for the experts.

How and why to learn video editing?

You can learn video editing by taking training after passing HSC. But educational qualification doesn't matter if you are creative. You can easily become proficient in video editing by using your own skills. A career as a video editor can be done with training after at least passing HSC. To become a professional quality video editor, you need to have a clear understanding of all aspects of television programming. We need to know what kind of diversity will be possible in the event. A video editor has to keep an eye on different places in the country and abroad. Also you need to know what variety came in which event.

You have to put in the effort to become proficient in video editing. The more editing you do, the better your skills and creativity in video editing will grow. You can take courses online and from some institutions to learn video editing. Nowadays there are many institutes that teach video editing for very little money.

How can you earn by learning video editing?

All the TV channels of the country employ skilled editors. There are also various editing firms, where you can get jobs according to your skills. But if you don't want to work, you can opt for outsourcing. There are many video editing jobs available on the freelancing marketplace these days. In these marketplaces, you can work in this profession either full-time or part-time. You can also do these tasks from within the country through outsourcing.

The biggest area of demand for video editing is television channels. Currently there are many government and private TV channels in the country. Every day TV channels air numerous programs, dramas and magazines along with news. Apart from TV channels, these programs are produced by numerous production companies. In addition, television commercials are produced by various advertising companies. Video editors do all of the above. A video editor tailors this content to the audience.

Skilled video editors are highly paid jobs in TV channels. As a result, people who know video editing easily have job opportunities in these organizations. With the expansion of visual media, the demand for video editors is also increasing. Also now job opportunities are being created in YouTube or other media.

A video editor can use his skills to create videos for YouTube or any other platform. It could be his own experience or a video editing tutorial. As a result, one can earn from these mediums even if one does not get a job as a video editor.

As a video editor, you can initially earn 15 to 20 thousand taka. And it can be upto 50000 rupees after few years. In this case your income will depend on the organization or your workplace. And if you can do outsourcing, then you can earn one to one and a half lakh rupees per month. In this case also your income will depend on your work.

But undoubtedly, if you are skilled in video editing then you can earn a good amount every month. You can also do freelancing for extra income. Because there is a lot of job demand in this profession outside the country.

First thing to do for video editing:

A common thing to edit video is that we first need to use a good quality camera to record the video. A good quality camera is currently better to use a DSLR or a smartphone with a high-quality high-definition camera. On the other hand, another thing is to choose the location to record the video. In this case, I mean that we need to determine some location and a place with sufficient lighting that will play a special role in our video editing.

Which cheap camera would be good for video recording:

As per the current market ratio and our affordability in various shopping malls and computer accessories market there are various smartphones with good quality DSLR cameras available at cheap prices which we more or less know. But as we do not negotiate or bargain for these products by going to the marketplace every day, we have to face various problems to know the updates of any product. So my small solution is to check the product book of RYANS COMPUTER store in IDB building.

It should be noted that RYANS COMPUTER keeping in mind the convenience of the customers, updates a list of their products on their own website every month according to the current market price. As a result we can get the exact list of various products including any computer accessories at home.

best video editing software

More or less everyone uses software like ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS, SONY VEGAS, CAMTASIA to edit professional videos, but to learn these softwares requires experience or hard work. But for those who are new to video editing, I would suggest WONDERSHARE FILMORA software.

The reason is that the simple interface of this software will catch everyone's mind in learning video editing. In addition to adding various effects with the WONDERSHARE FILMORA software, there are many other eye-catching features with which the software plays an essential role in creating good quality videos. Below is the light on the features of the WONDERSHARE FILMORA software:

    • Build in stylist fonts.
    • Display zoom and blur mask.
    • Video background change effect.
    • Build in screen recorder.
    • Full online/offline installer available for download and installation.
    • With more than 300 video effects built in, there is no need to use separate templates.
    • Instant Video Cutter does not require separate software for cutting video clips.
    • Special feature flash mood for making double roll videos is one of the attractions of this software.

Which software for low-configuration PC to use for video editing will give good results?

PC hardware and software plays a major role for video editing. It is one of the common things. There are many of us who have PC configuration: Dual core CPU with 32bit, RAM 2GB, Graphics card 512MB to 1GB, good news for them. There are 32bit versions of the above softwares like CAMTASIA/WONDERSHARE FILMORA software available online and with those versions you can get the first experience of starting video editing. And there is no need to say anything more about those whose PC configuration is high quality.

There is ease of use of any software in the way of video editing experience:

Here we have to remember how experienced we are for video editing. Also we have to remember that experience is something that the more he tries to gain experience day by day, the more success he will bring and also the scope of his knowledge will increase. And in view of this, it is said that almost all the software related to video editing brings accessibility, but it depends on knowing the work of that software. And speaking according to myself, I will say: CAMTASIA/WONDERSHARE FILMORA-If you use these software, those who are in the world of video editing. Newbies can acquire good knowledge of using these softwares in a very short time.

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